Do you have good wordpress hosting?

A reason why I started this company was that it is so frustrating working with web hosting companies.  Too many of them I felt were not delivering what I was expecting.  I was expecting them to care about my website and care about me.  We here at Web Presence know what makes good wordpress hosting.  Here are a few things to consider and or evaluate your current wordpress host.

1.) Web Site Resources

Your wordpress site needs things like RAM and CPU power.  Oversold web servers will be lacking in this which results in your website being slower and maybe even knocked off line.  Too many times I have told customers you get what you pay for.  Obviously I think you can find affordable web hosting that is quality but there are several that are not considered quality in my opinion.

2.  Page speed load time

Google has a great tool here.  Here is another tool as well.  This tool will help evaluate both your wordpress site and your web-host.  Disclaimer, many of problems found on the page speed score are a result of your website not being optimize.  One of the main indications of your web-host page speed is the overall page load time and the First Byte.  The Load time will give a general idea of how fast your site loads.  The best is the “First Byte” time.  This time shows how long the server took to respond.  Lower the score obviously the better the web server responded.  “Every second counts” goes the saying and this case they are counted.

3.  Customer Service

Will your web host go the extra mile to help you?  I am excluding of course the items your web developer would have to do.  Do they care about your site?  Do they value you as a customer?  What is the customer support ticket time?  Many of these concepts can help you see what kind of customer service your web host provides you.

Of course these are the top three indications in my opinion of a good web host.  You may have found others good indicators.  I would love to hear them.

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