Managed web hosting is the best for WordPress users

Managed web hosting is the best for WordPress users

Managed web hosting takes the stress out of updating your WordPress site. Many times a WordPress update or plugin update ends up breaking your site.  What are you going to do?  Where did the error occur?  Does your website still work?  Like we said let us manage your WordPress site for you.  What does managed web hosting do?

  1. WordPress updates
  2. WordPress plugin updates
  3. Remote site backups
  4. Revert from errors / Website Online

1.  WordPress Updates

This sounds like a very easy prospect but it is a more complicated when it comes to your business.  How do you know if the update should or shouldn’t happen.  Often times users wait until they break their site before realizing that WordPress releases either a bad update or something on your site isn’t compatible.  We are up to date on making sure your website will have good smooth updates.  WordPress updates also keep your site from having security vulnerabilities.

2.  WordPress Plugin Updates

Any update of a plugin runs the risks of breaking either the individual plugin and or the whole site.  Depending on the severity of error, the break can be small or site wide.  The majority of site vulnerabilities come from out of date plugins.  Out of all the hacked websites nearly 75% come from outdated plugins on the WordPress sites according to sucri. WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) and because of this fact it is targeted by hackers more.

3.  Remote Site Backups

We perform whole website backups and transmit them to a secure storage location offsite of the WordPress installation.  This allows for the retrieval of a website that either completely gets deleted and or hacked.  Your website will always be safe with our backups.

4.  Revert from errors / Website Online

If we find any errors on your site, we fix the simple errors or revert to the last known good website copy.  We will always advise your our customer if we find any potential problems and or site update problems.  With our team of experts updates are smooth, easy, and hassle free.  At the end of the day your website stays online.  Your managed websites gets updated and backed up, and we immediately fix your web page errors.

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